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6 Important Benefits Of Regular Backflow Testing

Backflow is a grave concern that can cause major problems for your home or workplace. Not only can it contaminate your water supply, but it can also lead to expensive fines from the government. That’s why it is crucial to have regular backflow testing done on your property. This post will discuss the many benefits of regular backflow testing and why you should make it a priority for your property.

1) Prevent Water Contamination

The most important benefit of regular backflow testing is it helps in preventing water contamination. Backflow can allow dangerous pollutants and contaminants to flow back into the water supply, putting you and your loved ones at serious risk. By regularly testing your backflow prevention device, you can ensure that it works properly and prevents contaminants from entering the water system.

2) Helps Avoid Fines and Penalties

If your backflow prevention device fails the test, you could face fines and penalties from the local government. Many municipalities require commercial businesses to regularly test their backflow preventers. A fine or penalty is likely forthcoming if you fail to do so. Avoid these fines and penalties and keep your business or community compliant with safety regulations by performing regular tests on your backflow prevention device.

3) Protect Public Health

One important reason to have a properly functioning backflow preventer is to protect public health. Contaminated water can cause several health problems, so it’s important to take every precaution possible to ensure that your community has access to safe, clean water. Backflow is a serious threat to public health, and by testing and maintaining your backflow preventer, you can help protect the health of people in your community.

4) Maintain Property Values

A property with a faulty or non-functioning backflow prevention device can see a significant decrease in value. By ensuring your device is regularly tested, you can protect the value of your property and maintain its attractiveness to potential buyers or tenants.

5) Backflow Testing is Cost-Effective

Backflow testing is a cost-effective method for protecting your property, the health of those in your community, and the environment. The costs associated with backflow testing are minor compared to the potential damages caused by contaminants infiltrating potable water supplies. Suppose you own or manage commercial properties that contain cross-connections and require backflow prevention devices. In that case, it is important to have a backflow prevention program in place that includes regular testing. By having a regularly scheduled backflow testing plan in place, you can rest assured that your property and the people around it are protected from harmful contaminants.

6) No Paperwork Needed from You

The backflow testing process is completely automated and only requires a few simple steps to complete. There are no forms to fill out, nor any paperwork that needs your signature. This means you can relax while we take care of everything! Our technicians will arrive at their scheduled time, test the device(s) on-site, upload all information into our database, and send you a copy of their report, so there are no surprises next year when it’s due again.

At Accurate Backflow Testing and Plumbing, our team is trained to ensure that all backflow testing is done correctly with minimal disruption or inconvenience for you or your property occupants (whether residential or commercial). We realize how important a clean water supply is to our community members and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Schedule an appointment now and get a free quote.