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7 Ways To Prevent Restaurant Plumbing Problems

Key takeaways:

  • Restaurants are especially prone to plumbing difficulties because of the number of appliances and the amount of use they see.
  • Common causes of plumbing problems in restaurants include grease buildup and clogs from food, and other debris being flushed down drains.
  • Restaurant staff should be properly trained to dispose of waste, and wire mesh can be used to catch larger items before entering the drainage system.
  • Additionally, fryers should be regularly cleaned, leaks fixed immediately, bar drains maintained, and restrooms checked regularly for any issues.
  • It is good to have a licensed plumber who can fix any problem.

Restaurants attract plumbing difficulties, which is not surprising given the quantity of plumbing equipment necessary. From malfunctioning dishwashers to overflowing toilets, there’s no shortage of ways to go wrong. And when things do go wrong, the consequences can be costly and dangerous to health—not to mention embarrassing. It can even lead to shutting down the restaurant for a day or two—something no one wants. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to minimize commercial plumbing problems before they start. Here are seven ways to do just that.

The Main Areas to Look Out for In Plumbing Problems:

Plumbing problems may occur anytime, creating a nightmare for restaurant operators. The last thing you would want for your customers is to experience an unhygienic restroom or to see or smell water streaming through the restaurant.

Numerous main places in restaurants are prone to plumbing issues, and it is critical to be aware of these so that you can take preventative measures.

  • The first area to look at is the kitchen sink. If there is a clog in the drain, water might go back into the sink and create a mess.
  • The second area is the restrooms. Unsanitary conditions and an unpleasant stench can result from clogged toilets and drains.
  • The bar area is another popular location for plumbing issues. This is because many beer taps and wine pumps must be maintained.
  • Finally, consider your restaurant’s exterior space. If there is standing water, it might attract bugs and provide a health risk.

Ways to Prevent Restaurant Plumbing Problems:

Way 01: Maintain Dishwashing Station

The dishwashing station is where the majority of restaurant plumbing problems occur. Before bringing the dishes to the dishwasher, servers often do not adequately dispose of residual food, straws, and napkins. The dishwasher then sprays the dishes into the sink, and all of the food and other debris falls down the drain, clogging it.

The first step in preventing plumbing problems is to train servers to properly dispose of leftover goods in the garbage. As a backup, wire mesh is a simple approach to prevent this from happening. A little piece of wire mesh, similar to that used in window or door screens, placed over the drain will prevent the bulk of items from being flushed down the drain. The mesh is simple to remove and clean. Using this simple and low-cost mesh can save restaurant owners a lot of money on plumbing expenses.

Way 02: Don’t Pour Grease Down the Sink

One of the most common causes of plumbing problems in restaurants is grease buildup. When the grease cools, it hardens and can cling to pipes, gradually building up over time. This can eventually lead to clogs and blockages that can be very difficult to remove. It’s important to have a proper grease disposal system to prevent this from happening. A grease system can include a grease trap that catches grease before it has a chance to enter the drainage system. Grease traps should be regularly cleaned out to prevent them from becoming overloaded.

Way 03: Regularly Clean Fryers (But Keep an Eye on Gas Lines!)

Every day, pull out the fryers, drain them, and clean them. This improves the flavor of fried foods! It should be noted, however, that when personnel repeatedly remove fryers from the wall, the linked gas lines can become loose. Of course, this can be hazardous in a kitchen where the fire is used for cooking.

Ensure that the staff in charge of fryer cleaning understand how to operate the devices properly and know the hazards of gas lines going loose.

Way 04: Immediately Fix Leaks

Leaks, no matter how minor, can soon escalate into larger issues. If you have a plumbing leak, make sure to fix it right away to minimize more damage.

7 Ways To Prevent Restaurant Plumbing Problems

Way 05: Maintain The Cleanliness Of Bar Drains.

Most of the time, the pipes behind the bar become blocked. Instead of tossing away leftover lime wedges, cherry stems, orange peels, and other cocktail-making components, bartenders flush them down the sink. When washing the bar drain, materials slip down the holes and cause a plumbing system backup.

To protect the bar system’s plumbing from backing up, managers must instruct bartenders and bar backs on appropriate waste disposal. Wire mesh can also be utilized as a simple solution in this case.

Way 06: Maintain the Restrooms

Thinking about restaurant toilets is unpleasant; nonetheless, it is a common issue for many commercial property owners.

Bathrooms with overflowing toilets or faulty fixtures might harm your restaurant’s image. Consider these restroom management tips:

  • Install hand dryers in place of paper towels. It eliminates the chance of clients flushing paper towels down the toilet or stuffing them down sinks or drains.
  • Provide easily accessible sanitary disposal containers for feminine hygiene items to prevent them from being flushed.
  • Employees should examine the status of the restroom every per hour so that any issues may be addressed before they become serious. Make them write their name and the time.

Way 07: Have A Qualified Plumber on Hand

No matter how well you maintain your restaurant’s plumbing, sooner or later, you will run into a problem that requires professional help to fix. That’s why it’s important to have a good relationship with a licensed plumber who can come and take care of any problem that arises, big or small. By having someone on call, you can rest assured knowing that help is just a phone call away if any plumbing issues should arise in your restaurant.

Ending Note:

You may avoid costly repairs and keep your business running smoothly by taking proactive actions to maintain your plumbing system.

If you encounter any problems, contact a qualified expert plumber such as Accurate Backflow Testing & Plumbing. We can help you get your restaurant up and running in no time.

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